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Everton Football Club

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Watch extended highlights as Everton booked their place in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals with a commanding 4-1 win over West Ham at Goodison Park. Dominic Calvert-Lewin hit his second hat-trick in as many weeks with Richarlison also among the goals again. Onwards, Evertonians...
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Kevice سنوات قبل
for once, I'm actually interested in watching Everton play
Kwesi Kwansa Kennedy
Kwesi Kwansa Kennedy سنوات قبل
I know right😂😂⚡
Jhancarlos Diaz castillo
Jhancarlos Diaz castillo سنوات قبل
@Parzipals ñg
Prototype سنوات قبل
Đạt Lê
Đạt Lê سنوات قبل
Yeah i know right...i mean Everton seems to appeal me even more than my favorite team MC...Lmao
Moko Tjia
Moko Tjia سنوات قبل
What an football ancelotti brought in. Their best signing by far beside those golden boy James.
erigor11 سنوات قبل
@Abel Fuentes Not to forget that Navas is no longer in the team and he saved them in the Champions more than any referee.
Abel Fuentes
Abel Fuentes سنوات قبل
@erigor11 no the soccer gods for some stupid reason love him but he is toast this season. Has them playing horrible and stale tactics that only worked when you have a CR7 to bail out the fact your 10 is your striker and everyone else is just trying to pass to the wings to sling a hopeful cross or draw a soft penalty kicking the ball at defenders hands.
erigor11 سنوات قبل
@Abel Fuentes Well, that's just one of plenty of evident traits about how bad he is as a tactical coach. He seems to be the best cheerleader in existence though.
Abel Fuentes
Abel Fuentes سنوات قبل
@KP No what Zidanes petty 0 technical acumen punk ass did to James and to Real Madrids current offense is criminal. What James is doing is reminding all of us what Zidane tried to get us to forget.
Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes سنوات قبل
Also Calvert Lewin is on fire in these last few matches
He can't stop scoring at the moment he's really showing his class glad Ancelotti has faith in him and is building him into a deadly finisher
Amirul Haziq
Amirul Haziq سنوات قبل
Mike_ MemerMan not being bias but hows an 18 point difference between manchester city is called "barely"
@ar13fkc4mbah yeah but with a more target man playstyle
Johan Exneyder Aguilar Montilva
Johan Exneyder Aguilar Montilva سنوات قبل
JR19 has soccer for every killer! *Stay strong Everton*
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez سنوات قبل
@Zakir Abdurrahman sounds like a bandwagon Liverpool fan lol dude y'all barely win 1 prem title and act like y'all bout to win 5 straight I know damn well Everton will be contenders
The IX
The IX سنوات قبل
This is the first season that I actually look forward to watching Everton games. Nice job lads
Ajinkya سنوات قبل
Same here👍🏼
Nithin Raji Easow
Nithin Raji Easow سنوات قبل
Me too
Sayan Paul
Sayan Paul سنوات قبل
Me too❤️
Ball is life
Ball is life سنوات قبل
I'm in awe with James Rodriguez. Such slick passer of the ball and his vision is accurate.
Ball is life
Ball is life سنوات قبل
@Nick Wyllie I'm categorizing midfielders. But to discuss about their level is obviously a different topic. Which atm we all know Pogba isn't at an all time High. Like surely James will reach or surpass KDB level 🙌🏼.
Julio Consuegra
Julio Consuegra سنوات قبل
Nick Wyllie
Nick Wyllie سنوات قبل
@Ball is life the fact that you just put pogba and kovacic in the same bracket.... jesus christ save us all
Ball is life
Ball is life سنوات قبل
@Ardi Come on now leave him and Ronaldo alone he's a different beast James, maybe I'll include him, KDB, Pogba, Bruno, Kovacic, and many others in that discussion. But I'll consider your point of him being the best at his thing. 🙌🏼💯🥵
A Person
A Person سنوات قبل
I agree
Sigit Prabowo
Sigit Prabowo سنوات قبل
Calvert-Lewin's goal instinct reminds me of Inzaghi. Simple, positioning, & clinical finishing
Samuel Alexander
Samuel Alexander سنوات قبل
Funnily enough Ancelotti helped DCL out by asking him to score with one touch just like Inazghi
humanoid سنوات قبل
Thank you ma man Ancelotti. He has revolutionized Everton. You got yourself a new fan
anthony mckenzie
anthony mckenzie سنوات قبل
@humanoid welcome to the blue family 🤘🤟✌
monk سنوات قبل
@Gunners Doesn't everyone dream of that, arsenal fan? You must do, being a gunner.
Gunners سنوات قبل
@EEE EEE lol, dreaming
Ziphozonke Zulu
Ziphozonke Zulu سنوات قبل
Dont push it mahn
EEE EEE سنوات قبل
@Juan Magaña nah we're going to win the league And the FA cup And the Caraboa cup
Biren Putin
Biren Putin سنوات قبل
Whoever might score Or assist the creator will always be JAMES the "Architect" of Everton midfielders💙💙💙
Alexandre Petit Frere
Alexandre Petit Frere سنوات قبل
That's good but if he is mark the team creativity goes down
Spain are Paella Merchants
Spain are Paella Merchants سنوات قبل
Sir Tempeh Just because you’re 14th in the league and got beat by palace doesn’t mean you have to say stuff like that
@Sir Tempeh This man is either a Liverpool fan or doesn't know football ao
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan سنوات قبل
After the Arrival of James , Every Everton Player Play like the Legends 😀😀😀
Effectsmen سنوات قبل
Hahaha true that!!
Ethan Oneil
Ethan Oneil سنوات قبل
@SYED RaIyAn Oof, say that last season and something else prob would've happened😂
Ethan Oneil
Ethan Oneil سنوات قبل
Literally, this Everton team suddenly plays like prime AC Milan bruh
lamar سنوات قبل
richarlison playing like mbappe
O Z سنوات قبل
Maybe Ancelotti can do to Everton what Mourinho did with Fc Porto.He has a good team that plays well together and he has special players that can change a game to their favour.Ancelotti is back.
Dora Boada
Dora Boada سنوات قبل
@VS everton signed Godfrey!
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris سنوات قبل
Sim Pedros Pickford with yet another mistake he is hilariously bad 😂
Sky Warp
Sky Warp سنوات قبل
Varkichan Sebi a new keeper dude Pickford is absolutely shite. He’s not a champions league winning level goalkeeper. Too many errors
Jac Gaines
Jac Gaines سنوات قبل
Everton fan, we need to sign a right back to prepare to replace Coleman and go in for a centre back better than Godfrey and a better keeper, we also need to look at winning carabao cup and scrap for a European spot
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris سنوات قبل
Sim Pedros you been sniffing glue how have you come to that conclusion?
Jeebs holibas
Jeebs holibas سنوات قبل
Everton looks mighty impressive! A great balance in the mid field great batting and defensive power. Looking forward to see the games !
p rb
p rb سنوات قبل
James is an amazing football player, I don't understand why is the reason that Zidane not have him in the team 😢😡
Diana Cazadora
Diana Cazadora سنوات قبل
Zidane was jealous of him!
Ricky Sengupta
Ricky Sengupta سنوات قبل
Calvert Lewin will shine this season. More than most 🤟🤟🤟
O Z سنوات قبل
@aidiel aiman I always said having the best players in the world at a club doesn't make them the best team in the world or ensure they will win championships but with the best coach or one of the best coaches in football coaching a club, would make the chances greater fora club acheive good things. .Arsenal,Tottenham,Atletico Madrid,Liverpool,Wolves,Man City and maybe Chelsea all show that having the best coach is better than the best most expensive players.Forgive me if i didn't mention any other club with great coaches but i mention the ones i know.A Worldclass coach can turn an average team into a force to compete against just like Red Bulls coach did.Coaches that motivate their players and have their respect can achieve great things for the club.
O Z سنوات قبل
He already got the most goals.Hopefully his value will go up and he can make some good money for Everton if a club wants to buy him or if he choose to move on.
Baffour Anim
Baffour Anim سنوات قبل
i won tbe supprised by the ladd
Joshua Kerry-Harper
Joshua Kerry-Harper سنوات قبل
Nah if he stays at Everton he will be at a big club in the next two seasons
jayyid jakaria
jayyid jakaria سنوات قبل
@aidiel aiman i agree
The amazing W
The amazing W سنوات قبل
I know were talking about how good was James but calved Lewis is actually unstoppable
Aaron Rusk
Aaron Rusk سنوات قبل
I'm just gonna become an Everton fan at this rate
WV سنوات قبل
@Trav12ss ok Liverpool fan
JTB سنوات قبل
@Trav12ss you're looking a bit sus
Isleofskye سنوات قبل
Mi Bredda. After first attending matches 58 years ago I can assure you I know what "Glory Hunting" is but these fays (unlike the 1980's ) I do not associate it with Everton though it would be great to see them back in the limelight again :)
Athul Das
Athul Das سنوات قبل
@adidas addict Or he's supporting because he likes the players and style of football
adidas addict
adidas addict سنوات قبل
@Isleofskye no bcoz he thinks there going 2 win a trophy so hes supporting a team just bcoz of winning thats glory hunting
kieran سنوات قبل
Everton is like napoli when ancelotti managed. His football is always entertaining.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta سنوات قبل
Although its quite shameful to be waiting to watch Everton matches as a Liverpool fan but right now its more like seeking guilty pleasures 🙈. Just love Ancelotti since he beat us in 2007 UCL final and James since the Monaco days. That midfield with Allan providing cover, Dacoure providing Engine and Gomes with grace and passing is just supreme like any Ancelotti team. All they need is a better keeper and a better defender alongside Keane to be serious contenders for trophies. P.s. Cant wait for the Mersyside derby for the first time in years 😍😍. Its gonna be lit 😍
Douglas KIETI
Douglas KIETI سنوات قبل
@Joseph Timothy Salvador i think he is young enough to improve but if he gets a solid defence infront of him am sure the errors will reduce by a lot
Joseph Timothy Salvador
Joseph Timothy Salvador سنوات قبل
@Douglas KIETI We could make that argument, but he's very error-prone. One of the worst in the league. If we want the club to challenge in the future, we'll need him to step up or we'll need to get a new keeper.
Douglas KIETI
Douglas KIETI سنوات قبل
pickford is englands first choice, he is very good. but they need a cb
and we love ar psycho pat
and we love ar psycho pat سنوات قبل
Well said for a kopite
Christian Mikkelsen
Christian Mikkelsen سنوات قبل
If Everton keep playing this well, they honestly could be a contender for the Champions League
Umberto Behounek
Umberto Behounek سنوات قبل
Good signings and Ancelotti is amazing. Nice to watch Everton now!
daniel perez
daniel perez سنوات قبل
James muy buen jugador me gusta como se acoplo al equipo espero esta temporada se mantenga a su máximo nivel.
Ricardo Acevedo
Ricardo Acevedo سنوات قبل
Chelsea Fan here to support James! Bro I'm keeping up with All of Everton's games this far. What a great squad 👏 beautiful football too
Rafael D
Rafael D سنوات قبل
@Stephen Bidgood football
Abel Fuentes
Abel Fuentes سنوات قبل
At Real he had to also play linebacker and cornerback before he could get any snaps under center and when he did Zidane had him only throw to Benzema if he wasnt too exhausted to pass straight.
douglas h
douglas h سنوات قبل
@Stephen Bidgood wtf was the point of writing that like fr bruh u just trying to cause problems
Alex G
Alex G سنوات قبل
More like the Drive on the PC🤣
Alvaro Piñeros
Alvaro Piñeros سنوات قبل
I think he is more of a Gearbox to Everton ...
Lifinho سنوات قبل
Great win blues! Hope Richi, Allan, and Kenny can recover well.
darren pilkington
darren pilkington سنوات قبل
its been a tough few years for Everton but its nice to see it coming manager, class midfielder pulling the strings,. Even a decent kit,....if they can get a decent keeper in they may well win some trophies!!..
Parzipals سنوات قبل
Everton was unpredictable this season, they could be the champions
Revale سنوات قبل
The Liverpool fans have gone strangely quiet. xD
Parzipals سنوات قبل
@Just James Genius 👌
Parzipals سنوات قبل
@Kratos yes, 😆
Kratos سنوات قبل
Parzipals - Their form reminds me of when Leicester won the title. And with an Italian manager.
Just James
Just James سنوات قبل
@Matt D football is unpredictable mate. Don't go in overconfident haha. No one saw Leicester winning the league... But they did.
Josephshiu Khiamniungan
Josephshiu Khiamniungan سنوات قبل
Without James Rodriguez everton would have been just another club in the premier league. Gotta love James he is making a great difference.
Jose Puerta
Jose Puerta سنوات قبل
Thanks to Everton and Ancelloti for making back James in a great stage. Good luck for Everton in this season and for our countryplayers as James and Mina. News fan to Everton from Colombia.
Victor Soriano
Victor Soriano سنوات قبل
Love that James is off to a great start at his new club!
Justin N
Justin N سنوات قبل
I love the way Everton play this season. Carlo really found their weakness, midfield. Hope they will qualify for Europa league next season.
Definitely Darrel
Definitely Darrel سنوات قبل
What a team. Great managing by Ancelotti. James is amazing
ferdin penik
ferdin penik سنوات قبل
For the very first time, it was a joy to watch everton this season..especially with the arrival James Rodriguez
Bolaindem سنوات قبل
Everton becoming a serious strong team this season
El Gato Volador
El Gato Volador سنوات قبل
The Perfection, James and Calvert Lewin.
ZikmiclinzTech سنوات قبل
Nice play Everton. Iwobi getting back his confidence!
I am so delighted to see the toffees playing so well but really saddened that we cannot be there to witness it
Jim سنوات قبل
That first goal from Calvert Lewin was stunning
WillGTO سنوات قبل
Nice one Everton. A club like you should be competing at the top. Keep it up.
Tomás Ortega
Tomás Ortega سنوات قبل
Wtf with that Evertons striker. He scores even when he doesn't want to. Gold there.
Beverly Agyapong-Agyare
Beverly Agyapong-Agyare سنوات قبل
Ozil booked
Beverly Agyapong-Agyare
Beverly Agyapong-Agyare سنوات قبل
Ozil has
H2O Allegation
H2O Allegation سنوات قبل
Future class striker I've said for two years, I think he is better than richy.
THANOS the mastermind
THANOS the mastermind سنوات قبل
@Nick Wyllie not funny
your dad
your dad سنوات قبل
Nick Wyllie what? that doesn’t make sense
ARQ TRACK سنوات قبل
Goles son amores, pero james como mueve al equipo y cada vez se hace más importante y los compañeros ya saben con quien están jugando, se ve con un nivel por arriba de todos sus compañeros y eso es lo más bravo del fútbol hacerlo ver normal, todo fácil, cualquiera no puede hacer eso, es un crack y esta subiendo su nivel cada partido.
juanorrego channel
juanorrego channel سنوات قبل
ARQ. RENDON De acuerdo bro...
King Alele
King Alele سنوات قبل
So proud of Everton this season, Ancelloti came ready
Javier Alejandro Daza Galvan
Javier Alejandro Daza Galvan سنوات قبل
Calvert-Lewin is a beast... Amazing form
desuka سنوات قبل
Ancelotti is legend,he knows what tactic for the squad. Wonderful
Inyoman Sudiana
Inyoman Sudiana سنوات قبل
The best Everton Under Anceloti 👌
Catch the Wave
Catch the Wave سنوات قبل
Finally James getting to shine without Real Madrid holding him back. What a great team they got here.
Jerry Ndururi
Jerry Ndururi سنوات قبل
My goodness!!🙌🙌 The impact that James Rodriguez has on Everton is just amazing! I'm a united fan but I'll be watching Everton play every time. Can't wait to host them at Old Trafford!!!!🌋🔥🌋🔥🌋🔥💥
ASONG CLOVIS سنوات قبل
In a way Rodriguez has really been an inspiration to the Tofees, DCL, is just a different picture from last season, Sigurdson, has stepped up as well. Cudos Ancelotti
Diego Alves do Amaral
Diego Alves do Amaral سنوات قبل
Richarlisson is the best of the team, undisputed, he attacks all the time, makes goals in all games, currently.
Harpreet Parmar
Harpreet Parmar سنوات قبل
Diego Alves do Amaral how many has he wasted if he had passed the ball to the better option rather then just shooting
Diego Alves do Amaral
Diego Alves do Amaral سنوات قبل
@Harpreet Parmar But he always scores goals to help the team, how many times has Everton won with his goals? Several times.
Diego Alves do Amaral
Diego Alves do Amaral سنوات قبل
@Luis Medrano Richarlisson takes time ... even without the ball, he creates the chances, Lewis is a center forward.
get stickbugged lol
get stickbugged lol سنوات قبل
@Frederick Chilton stamina merchant
Guy Summerton
Guy Summerton سنوات قبل
Leeds fan here. Great to see Everton doing well. Class manager and looking good.
Leonardo Pardo
Leonardo Pardo سنوات قبل
Que buen partido buena por el CRACK JAMES 🍻🏆⚽
jarveyjaguar سنوات قبل
Wow Everton has some quality on their side and James is just out of this world right now All the best to you Everton fans out there from a Culers Fan 🔴🔵
꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄ سنوات قبل
Everton really doing good this season so far. wish our chelsea was in this form
Serdar Agirbas
Serdar Agirbas سنوات قبل
Ancelotti knows how to get goals out of Calvert-Lewin, loved him at Chelsea and doing a great job at Everton. 👏👏👏
Alan Aherne
Alan Aherne سنوات قبل
Rodriguez is absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keku Ndachung
Keku Ndachung سنوات قبل
Ancelloti is shaping Everton to be the Giants ✌️
Josh Zuccotti
Josh Zuccotti سنوات قبل
The spirit of the blues💙 another great win we keep going! COYB🔵💙
Andrea Lettich
Andrea Lettich سنوات قبل
Calvert was always in a right moment and position!! Was very important
Ducks سنوات قبل
Que dominio foi esse no primeiro gol ? Bravooo
jaime andres moncada moreno
jaime andres moncada moreno سنوات قبل
James nuevamente demostrando que es un fuera de serie, puede cambiar las condiciones del juego y junto con esos delanteros puede hacer grandes cosas con el Everton
Pradeep B
Pradeep B سنوات قبل
They're playing some exciting football ... I love them until now .. all they need is some depth and quality backups...
bilinas mini
bilinas mini سنوات قبل
Thank you ma man Ancelotti. He has revolutionized Everton. You got yourself a new fan
Rashed Saimon
Rashed Saimon سنوات قبل
recharlison was playing absolutely fantastic
Mrs kujo
Mrs kujo سنوات قبل
I am a liverpool fan, and I am really hyped up to see liverpool vs everton than any other english team.
Mrs kujo
Mrs kujo سنوات قبل
@Rishi Palai yeah mann. In yeterday's carabao cup match liverpool midfield wasn't able to give minamino ball inside the penalty box. Liverpool's young team is also formidable but it still has to get more sharper. I am pretty sure minamino after he gets ample time in liverpool squad he will be able to show his skills.
Rishi Palai
Rishi Palai سنوات قبل
@Mrs kujo yeah liverpool is a great team with a world-class defence: Van Dijk, Trent,Gomez, Robertson and even addition of Thiago Alcantara is quite awesome. I realy admire Jurgen Klopp . Best matchup - James vs Takumi Minamino
Mrs kujo
Mrs kujo سنوات قبل
@Rishi Palai after aston we have match with them. I just checked pl routine.
Rishi Palai
Rishi Palai سنوات قبل
Me too Neha
Mrs kujo
Mrs kujo سنوات قبل
@Joshua Kerry-Harper Get yourself this year's Calvert lewin jersey, if you haven't bought yet. Will be handy while showing off. :)
Abdifitah mohamed Yusuf
Abdifitah mohamed Yusuf سنوات قبل
Everton this season is fastastic 🥰, really I enjoy watching them keep going 💙💙💙
Your Boy Yazid
Your Boy Yazid سنوات قبل
I always admired don Carlo, real class manager, since the first time he arrived at Everton I know he can manage the the team to become Challenger to big six
Gadis Cantik
Gadis Cantik سنوات قبل
Richalison is so underrated
gaming gang
gaming gang سنوات قبل
I know
Hendri S
Hendri S سنوات قبل
@Red Bean untumu
Tobias A
Tobias A سنوات قبل
@ahmad is that a racial joke?
ahmad سنوات قبل
U mean overheat, or overcook?
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 سنوات قبل
@Alexandre Petit Frere That was only one instance against Spurs., and when he does shoot he scores most of the time so there's no harm in him doing that.
Caden James
Caden James سنوات قبل
As a spurs fan I respect carvin lewin he's really going for it this season how much people will want to buy him lol
Aaron Rusk
Aaron Rusk سنوات قبل
Crazy how Everton's entire dynamic changed with the new signings, DCL looking like class with all the chances he's getting
APM M سنوات قبل
The confidence Everton have going forward is scary ! COYB. 1 MILLION VIEWS 😊
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan سنوات قبل
James + Richalison + DCL Every Name Now looks like Legends because of James 🙋
Samael Alastor
Samael Alastor سنوات قبل
Don't forget Allan!
You’re Wrong
You’re Wrong سنوات قبل
Glad to see Calvert Lewin killing it
Sandesh Kharel
Sandesh Kharel سنوات قبل
My favorite club is Chelsea but watching Everton game I can say chelsea may lose to this brilliant team 😩👌
John Alexander Avila
John Alexander Avila سنوات قبل
What a team, so excited for James as a colombian, rooting for everton and as always the gunners this season.
H L سنوات قبل
brilliant result absolutely resolute the blues at the moment even with the 3 injuries sustained. Dom repaid the injured lads with his fantastic hat trick..keep it up mate, i believe in you!
Esteban Baker
Esteban Baker سنوات قبل
James is slowly becoming for Everton what Henderson means for Liverpool, and I love it
Eshan Patil
Eshan Patil سنوات قبل
That control from DCL for 1st goal. Damn.
Hafiz Amr
Hafiz Amr سنوات قبل
Hope they will truly succeed this season. Thought they should end at uefa top spot too
Johannes Jose
Johannes Jose سنوات قبل
I am a Chelsea fan but Calvert lewin is just a pleasure to watch 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kabra sim
Kabra sim سنوات قبل
Don Carletto can revive Everton players's passion. He is my role model coach.
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi سنوات قبل
This was A Very Strong 4 - 1 for Everton Great Performance by Them coming from Someone who lives beside the WestHam Town
Dunny Boy
Dunny Boy سنوات قبل
Ancelotti has turned Everton into a beast of a team
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