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Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club

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Everton booked their place in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals with a commanding 4-1 win over West Ham at Goodison Park. Dominic Calvert-Lewin hit his second hat-trick in as many weeks with Richarlison also among the goals again. Onwards, Evertonians...
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Aguynamedandres __
Aguynamedandres __ سنوات قبل
James may not get the most assist and goals but he is so crucial just look how he creates crucial chances. What a player he is.
Bellanid Villanueva
Bellanid Villanueva سنوات قبل
@Asbin SOLICE kdkxk
Elliot Rook
Elliot Rook سنوات قبل
At Bayern and real he averaged about 0.6 goals or assists a game which is pretty good I’d say
P سنوات قبل
Asbin SOLICE سنوات قبل
@João Brado he always has good stats Just look at his time at bayern
JTB سنوات قبل
@fp3707 did you not read the comment?😂
Houston Houston
Houston Houston سنوات قبل
It's so crazy how much better James has made this team. He creates so many chances for players around him, not only is he good with creating assists but also amazing with creating passes that create assists
Hans Rama
Hans Rama سنوات قبل
@Avi Thakur its not about just any flops. Its the kind of flops. big players successful in other leagues floping in the epl. too many of them
Shuhood Frazil
Shuhood Frazil سنوات قبل
Finally ❤✋
Avi Thakur
Avi Thakur سنوات قبل
@JTB Psg were 12 points ahead last season. Liverpool were 18 points agead. 🤦🏻‍♀️ City won the league with 19 points iirc, PSG with 13.🤦🏻‍♀️ France had two teams in the semis last season. England zero. That French team couldn't even make Europa this season. If this is not competetion, i don't know what is.
JTB سنوات قبل
@Avi Thakur ligue un isnt competitive at all🤦🏿‍♂️
lalbi sebastian
lalbi sebastian سنوات قبل
Ricky Sengupta u u h
Jusepp سنوات قبل
Honestly I am starting to search and watch Everton's highlight just after they signed James
vo litda
vo litda سنوات قبل
The same
hungrywolf56 سنوات قبل
Me too!!!
Nihar Debnath
Nihar Debnath سنوات قبل
Yes me too.. Being a madrid fan, I wanted to see james flourish in real madrid. But zizou hadnt given him ample time. Though we have two-three world class midfielders.
Man Chung Fan
Man Chung Fan سنوات قبل
same haha
Tobi Fighter
Tobi Fighter سنوات قبل
same lol, i watch everton, brighton and liverpool. Man city not so interesting
Ariq Restyawan
Ariq Restyawan سنوات قبل
Ancelotti won so many things as manager, but turning this everton squad into an actual team to watch is one of his biggest achievements no cap Edit: also, it looks like this club now has the entire Colombia as their new fanbase since signing james... this is great to see, too!
Manc Flyer
Manc Flyer سنوات قبل
@fifthof I'm not going to offer a swap .-))
Manc Flyer
Manc Flyer سنوات قبل
@fifthof I had just done a night shift!! Yes. She HATES it when Colombia is spelt Columbia or variants thereof.
Rafael سنوات قبل
Well the Colombian fan base will turn on you as soon as James will play like shit, getting injured or not training properly. It seems it's never his fault according to them. Trust me, Madrid fan
Martin Arbelaez I agree Absolutely!
Martin Arbelaez
Martin Arbelaez سنوات قبل
@J. Sanchez as a Colombian you need to cut it off with those Escobar jokes
Jusepp سنوات قبل
James Rodriguez.. what a signing. His arrival lifts off Everton performance. We can nominate his arrival as one of the most transformative signing in the Premier League history, beside Van Dijk's arrival to Liverpool
Bailz سنوات قبل
@Cristiano Ronaldo you're a Ronaldo fan you follow no club you glory hunter
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo سنوات قبل
@Bailz I've 5 UCL you have only 3 Banter club 😂
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez سنوات قبل
Bájale papi
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo سنوات قبل
@Bailz Congratulations for winning third place trophy
Alex G
Alex G سنوات قبل
James - Lewy and company breaking records in Everton. 6 wins in a row since 1938👌😏
Brijan Vierhout
Brijan Vierhout سنوات قبل
@lipony 123 11 unbeaten and 6 wins the difference is there can also be a tie. Idk what you dont understand about that
Really89 سنوات قبل
Not an Everton fan, but impressed with the style and quality Ancelotti has the team playing. Will watch them with interest this season - as the usual top six will as well, no doubt.
Miles Lumpkin
Miles Lumpkin سنوات قبل
Goat Coleman still has class left in him and he’s the Cap
felpsxd سنوات قبل
Tá de sacanagem? Richarlison dono do time e você cita James e Lewy.
Darth Nilus
Darth Nilus سنوات قبل
Christopher MacLennan
Christopher MacLennan سنوات قبل
DCL is on fire....and James seems to have inspired the whole team....I'm a very happy toffee
Abdulrahman Shehu Shitu
Abdulrahman Shehu Shitu سنوات قبل
@vista var that's the nickname of Everton FC
Mindflower 89
Mindflower 89 سنوات قبل
@vista var a candy and everton's alias.
vista var
vista var سنوات قبل
What's toffee
Silvana سنوات قبل
Me too Chris🤩💙
Omar Al kayal
Omar Al kayal سنوات قبل
Christopher MacLennan Looking forward to beating Brighton and retaining the 100% start record
Adam_0 سنوات قبل
I’m a Tottenham fan but I feel so happy for James coming to Everton. Not gonna lie I laughed when he joined thinking he will lose hella games with them even though he’s top class but yeah I was wrong but I’m happy for him winning 6/6 games so far with the team
NRG NΛNVΞN سنوات قبل
Spurs fan here as well! Their come up is so beautiful. Love what Ancelloti and James have done for the team. They have a real chance in the Merseyside Derby this time around just watch!
𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕖𝕪ꨄ︎ سنوات قبل
@Sheila Kirwan what's with everton
Eli Nelly-Ricky
Eli Nelly-Ricky سنوات قبل
@𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕖𝕪ꨄ︎ I'm telling you, even I am shocked every time. What a pure vision of the game! But I still believe that just the fact that he is now in the team uplifts the team. Like "ok, a player like James is now in the team, I better not mess up and try to level up" lol
Sheila Kirwan
Sheila Kirwan سنوات قبل
Thanks ...much appreciated..hope spurs do well..except when playing Everton
𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕖𝕪ꨄ︎ سنوات قبل
@Eli Nelly-Ricky not his presence his passes shocked them
Dayang N
Dayang N سنوات قبل
Everton after signing James- *BADASS* and *KICKING ASS*
monk سنوات قبل
And Allan as well. Its not just James.
K H سنوات قبل
DCL looks so damn sharp. This could be the turning point in his career. He's got the goalscoring bug, he's in a team that loves to create chances and he has one of the all time great managers... especially if you're a striker. Shevchenko (won Ballon D'or under Ancelotti) Inzaghi, Drogba & CR7 (all had their best scoring seasons under Ancelotti). Like I said, he's playing under the best possible coach in order to become a great striker.
Alonzo Trier
Alonzo Trier سنوات قبل
Yeah. But with English players, you have to let 'em be themselves, if he gets hyped, he may hamper that path to be a superstar
Megan McClay
Megan McClay سنوات قبل
Well done Calvert Lewin and James Rodriguez
Chadia Chaaban
Chadia Chaaban سنوات قبل
ج و حءءش
JTB سنوات قبل
@Edenlly no one asked or cares🤦🏿‍♂️
Edenlly سنوات قبل
Sancho is the best
Metro Xtinct
Metro Xtinct سنوات قبل
Daniel James is a better winter than Calvert Lewin kid
ibelieve137 سنوات قبل
I never watched Everton before but after James Rodriguez came to Everton I look forward to watch Everton everytime they play. Such a classy player. Transformed the entire profile of the club and their play as a whole.
Ryder Reels
Ryder Reels سنوات قبل
Can we all take a second to respect Gylfi. Must be in such a shit place with what happened to his brother but still out there playing. Excited for DCL as well and I'm not even an Everton fan.
Ifeanyi Okwuosa
Ifeanyi Okwuosa سنوات قبل
GlowInTheDark سنوات قبل
Poor kid was only 12 years old man
Ckuq O
Ckuq O سنوات قبل
What happened ?
APM M سنوات قبل
DCL's confidence is sky high ! You can see how relaxed he is when finishing.
Kaushik Vyas
Kaushik Vyas سنوات قبل
As a Liverpool fan, happy to see Everton back on the rise. Derby days will finally be exciting once again.
Madhuri Deo
Madhuri Deo سنوات قبل
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor سنوات قبل
Been an evertonian for as long as I’ve remembered and as a 16 year old I’ve never been more optimistic 💪🔵💙🔥
The Fox
The Fox سنوات قبل
I'm so happy to see Everton doing great!
Haque سنوات قبل
Based on all of his goals and movement so far this season, Ancelotti is morphing DCL into a new Inzaghi. Predator in the Box.
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta سنوات قبل
I'm an United fan and I'm impressed with Everton's start, especially DCL Congratulations!
Ray Songz
Ray Songz سنوات قبل
this season's starting very well for us, i wish it continues...we'll have a real test against Liverpool in few weeks
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera سنوات قبل
James and Everton on fire. Loving it. Just so exciting to watch Everton play.
Juanz سنوات قبل
El primer gol, increíble pase y mejor control 😻😻
Shaffaallea سنوات قبل
Ancelotti : "Trust the process" Lampard : "Trust Mason Mount"
el men ney
el men ney سنوات قبل
Hello i am from colombia
uzumaki salsa
uzumaki salsa سنوات قبل
Kamu cantik
Henry Frans Edwin Sianturi
Henry Frans Edwin Sianturi سنوات قبل
9M Hiro
9M Hiro سنوات قبل
Ole: "Trust penalty"
psy-eq سنوات قبل
this is your lot's best run since the thirties, know your place
Dominippon سنوات قبل
I’m happy for Everton and for having James I hope they can stay in the top
Aep سنوات قبل
Not an Everton fan but it’s very enjoyable watching Everton play football this year. James must be the signing of the century, what an amazing player.
Really89 سنوات قبل
Not an Everton fan, but impressed with way Ancelotti - an elite manager - has the team playing. For the first time I can remember in a generation an Everton side is playing sustained, vibrant attacking football whilst being very solid at the back. Early days yes, but some promising signs for the club.
Ollie Webster
Ollie Webster سنوات قبل
Dominic looks absolutey on fire this season 🔥🔥🔥 From a Leicester Fan, hopefully us and you guys will put a good contender for top 4 this season 👊👊
Bowie Prasetyo
Bowie Prasetyo سنوات قبل
Amazing performance from a solid team..keep the team spirit burn..don't crack under pressure
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu سنوات قبل
Awesome victory for Everton ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑🙌
G M سنوات قبل
If Calvert Lewin keeps doing this for the entire season,i cant see why Everton will not Finish top of the table
Jona سنوات قبل
What a Game Boys ⚽💙 Great to see the evolution of Calvert-Lewin he is a beast 💪🏻💙
JAM35 GAM35 سنوات قبل
I’m a Liverpool fan but I hope Everton continue like this and finish top 6, ideally above United😏. They’re playing great atm and the derby will hopefully be spicy
Ishmael سنوات قبل
Legitametly on the best assists I've ever seen 0:46
MasterIceyy سنوات قبل
sad that the linesman put the flag up as richarlison was way onside, that pass deserved an assist
Andrew waldon
Andrew waldon سنوات قبل
How could the great Zidane let Rodriguez go? Just look at that pass again. It's fantastic.
hungrywolf56 سنوات قبل
I agree 100% but don’t like Zidane!!!
Ashton Almond
Ashton Almond سنوات قبل
@Fadhil Syarif reactionary football fans, fans of the game as opposed to fans of the culture don't talk like that.
Sabiq Rusydi
Sabiq Rusydi سنوات قبل
James got his opportunity at CDR, but he's still failed him at CDR, that's why
I am Your Friend
I am Your Friend سنوات قبل
Because modric is too similar to JR and Isco at his prime has the edge over JR of taking on players 1v1 or 1v2. In summary, too much good players in RM
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan سنوات قبل
Love Zidane, but he was wrong on James. Period
PadawanPokiJedi ♊️
PadawanPokiJedi ♊️ سنوات قبل
The spirit of the blues! 💙
DonJ سنوات قبل
i swear ancelotti turning dcl to prime inzaghi 🔥🔥
Yuda Pratama
Yuda Pratama سنوات قبل
Everton in 2020 become a strong team. Good job for mr. Ancelotti
hesBrazilian سنوات قبل
World class Dom Calvert Lewin Richarlison and james
Kiboi Nderitu
Kiboi Nderitu سنوات قبل
As much as Everton attack is great, their defense is amazing as well. This year merseyside will be fire
Jairo سنوات قبل
Richarlison BRABO demais🔥🔥🔥
Silvesta سنوات قبل
So nice James is getting the game time he deserves at Everton. Class player
Bingus سنوات قبل
MICHAEL jr سنوات قبل
Great job, hope you guys win the whole thing 👍👍
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach سنوات قبل
Wow, Calvert-Lewin is really in beast mode this season.
about time everton came back . this is what happens when you sign a world class manager and let him buy his players .
Gottfried سنوات قبل
James was awesome! You can feel the good vibes around! Hopefully Everton can make it to the Champions league... I just wish that the Jersey was redesigned into a more modern and fashionable blue. Also a little bit *less expensive* at least the long-sleeved one.
Reqon سنوات قبل
Champions league is too ambitious Yoo 6 is very well in their hands but the will drop off the can’t do what Leicester did 2016 no depth and you always have team like Liverpool city Chelsea man United totheham arsenal wolves Leicester so calm down hope you don’t do what Leicester did last year but you can get European football but depends on your team .
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee سنوات قبل
wow amazing everton! Absolutely brilliant things have happened since signing ancelotti
Lloyd Howell
Lloyd Howell سنوات قبل
That first calvert lewin goal reminded me of one of mine back in the day 👌
bssni touir
bssni touir سنوات قبل
DCL's confidence is sky high ! You can see how relaxed he is when finishing.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu سنوات قبل
Fulham - Arsenal 0-3 Match Review
IRON MAGE سنوات قبل
44 Pain and sorrow filled years I've waited for this ( apart from brief relief with the 1984 Everton Squad). Am hopeful and enthusiastic about this season!
Offset’s face
Offset’s face سنوات قبل
That spin move that Calvert-Lewin did to get away from the defender was so smart
Paul Mutuku
Paul Mutuku سنوات قبل
Ancelloti is really a good Coach and this Everton team is to watch this season!!!
Mr Toad
Mr Toad سنوات قبل
Amazing how easy scoring looks when a striker is confident.
King Henke
King Henke سنوات قبل
Calvert-Lewin is coming on leaps and bounds. I remember I used to not rate him, he’s proving me wrong
Afro Russia TV
Afro Russia TV سنوات قبل
Iwobi is getting sharper and better with each game... I'm really rooting for him and I hope he does well this season 🙏
Ven The Professor
Ven The Professor سنوات قبل
What a start from Everton.....
CHENGO TV سنوات قبل
James is a great addition to this team 💥💯 with richarlison and Calvert-lewin
João Santos
João Santos سنوات قبل
As a Porto supporter I'm over the moon that our boy James Rodriguez is showing his class again.
Arun m.a
Arun m.a سنوات قبل
Under anchelotti Calvert lewin is becoming like shevchenco in Milan 😂
No sea sapo
No sea sapo سنوات قبل
Even sharper
David Sánchez
David Sánchez سنوات قبل
Hold on my boy cause DCl is still missing a lot for that comparison although beeing on fire !
Pijar Kreasi
Pijar Kreasi سنوات قبل
Nope. Just tommason
andalanjawabarat سنوات قبل
more like inzaghi the poacher with good positioning.
Muhammed Mendy
Muhammed Mendy سنوات قبل
Am absolutely impressed with this Everton side looking sharp and dangerous too. 👌🏿❤️👍🏿🇬🇲💯
Alfie O'Toole
Alfie O'Toole سنوات قبل
Can we appreciate Keane in that first goal
Bedanta Gogoi
Bedanta Gogoi سنوات قبل
Everton definitely reach top 4 in Premier league 2020-21. They look very strong.
Joe Krle
Joe Krle سنوات قبل
everton is really on a run this year. keep it up guys
Jay McCord
Jay McCord سنوات قبل
Don Carlo at his finest I would do anything to have him at Chelsea again
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels سنوات قبل
Its been nearly a decade since everton played this attacking football.lewis is a monster too, thought he was a one season wonder
Starfall سنوات قبل
In The end will come a defeat or a draw to Everton but The key is to remain united
Mátyás Rácsai
Mátyás Rácsai سنوات قبل
Nice to see James back in the game!
ElHutcho Snr
ElHutcho Snr سنوات قبل
That pass for Richarlisons offside goal, wow
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome سنوات قبل
glad to have him in my squad
Jane Lamba
Jane Lamba سنوات قبل
James we love you your such a gem in and off the pitch
Matthew Woodham
Matthew Woodham سنوات قبل
Calvert Lewin form looking really good so far this season.
sx bear
sx bear سنوات قبل
The first goal reminded me of Messi in the World cup control. What a touch!
jarveyjaguar سنوات قبل
Wow Everton has some quality on their side and James is just out of this world right now All the best to you Everton fans out there from a Culers Fan 🔴🔵
Javan Rens
Javan Rens سنوات قبل
Lewin has a great future ahead of him
ishaan banwait
ishaan banwait سنوات قبل
This team is untouchable
Ray Ray
Ray Ray سنوات قبل
It looks like premier league would be tough this season. My word!... What a squad!
gie's سنوات قبل
Ancelotti has assembled an amazing team.
Alfa Arii
Alfa Arii سنوات قبل
James excelente crack crack crack crack extraordinario ahora Everton llegó tu ahora de ganar con este fenómeno mundial Latinoamérica ve esto 900,000,000 millones de habitante va los James.
Alexander Santa Cruz
Alexander Santa Cruz سنوات قبل
Toretto Fast / Furious
Toretto Fast / Furious سنوات قبل
WOW!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations!👍🥂👍
MADNESS سنوات قبل
James is just what we needed Boss signing
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