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Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club

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Everton suffered late, late heartbreak in the Carabao Cup quarter-final as Manchester United struck twice in the closing moments to knock the Blues out. Gylfi Sigurdsson had the best chances for Carlo Ancelotti's side, but Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial had the final say as the clock ticked down.
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تعليقات: 679
Vidura Lakmina
Vidura Lakmina سنوات قبل
Thank you for the long highlights Everton Much respect
Rishan Mahajan
Rishan Mahajan سنوات قبل
Thousandth like
mic kwan
mic kwan سنوات قبل
@Rillo Agung Pambudi \l 9
Sheldon Evans
Sheldon Evans سنوات قبل
Man you for life
Don Mane
Don Mane سنوات قبل
Yoel Droguett
Yoel Droguett سنوات قبل
What a goal, I feel really happy for Cavani, he's a great player
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu سنوات قبل
Donald MacKillop
Donald MacKillop سنوات قبل
He really is Yoel, outstanding even at this stage in his career. Can't understand anyone who didn't think he was very good signing. Pure class, he looks fitter than guys ten years younger than him!
Nalukenge Mastula
Nalukenge Mastula سنوات قبل
What about martial
Wahab utd
Wahab utd سنوات قبل
@johny ditch WOW
johny ditch
johny ditch سنوات قبل
@Wahab utd strangling a player to the ground is a mistake, open eyes you plonker
Andrey Wijaya
Andrey Wijaya سنوات قبل
Big respect to everton... From United Fans
eddyvideostar سنوات قبل
@James Healey, I bid MU all of the best, however, Cavani is gradually becoming this Zlatan-type personality, which we pray does not blossom into a similar syndrome.
suneeeelkumar سنوات قبل
Yeah as usual Bending over to Liverpool's rival. Yeah blue shite. Neverton.
Shane c
Shane c سنوات قبل
@James Healey behave ya softie
Kingslof Fc
Kingslof Fc سنوات قبل
Thank you, iam united fans but your channel deserves appreciation, because it shows longer highlights than united channel
Hoz Majalan
Hoz Majalan سنوات قبل
nice im man utds fan too. :)
Wellington Cícero Silva dos Santos Silva dos Santos
Wellington Cícero Silva dos Santos Silva dos Santos سنوات قبل
Wellington Cícero Silva dos Santos Silva dos Santos
Wellington Cícero Silva dos Santos Silva dos Santos سنوات قبل
Frengki Ahmad
Frengki Ahmad سنوات قبل
@Christopher Mercaldi hxfhh
Julius Fang
Julius Fang سنوات قبل
Respect for Everton for this extended highlights, sad for the loss. wish you more luck back on the EPL. *from Manchester United fan*
Renae Duncan-Anglin
Renae Duncan-Anglin سنوات قبل
Julius Fang
Julius Fang سنوات قبل
@Aniket Prasad I'm paying respect for the Everton Football Club & their beloved fans in this part. Btw, I have the app for sure, thanks.
Aniket Prasad
Aniket Prasad سنوات قبل
Use Man utd app...90 in 20 highlights comes there
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes سنوات قبل
Damn, I was impressed by how much Cavani was running and pressuring through out the game.
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes سنوات قبل
@Dominic Liepins You salty
Saverio Salemme
Saverio Salemme سنوات قبل
I’m a Napoli fan and I guarantee that Cavani is a fantastic player and M.U. made a great acquisition.
iOi Fixity
iOi Fixity سنوات قبل
At his age too!!
Say It how it is!
Say It how it is! سنوات قبل
Trust me, martial lost the ball and its csvani who sprints bk....shows why cavani us a winner and the others arnt!
A New Beginning
A New Beginning سنوات قبل
Well done to Ole and the boys, a really solid performance..
Razha Rasidi
Razha Rasidi سنوات قبل
respect for Everton club . Congrats to Man Utd . on to semis
Alois Tafadzwa
Alois Tafadzwa سنوات قبل
Great match. Good luck in the rest of your season Evertonians from a United fan.
Ray Langley
Ray Langley سنوات قبل
Well deceived good win Man u have been through a lot - Happy Christmas ! what a year .
Alan Danish
Alan Danish سنوات قبل
Respect to Everton! I do see a bright futute ahead for u lads. Keep it up! -United fan🔴
MN AB سنوات قبل
Respect to everton team and fans around the globe. Fair play..
Cavan is a natural striker. He can't miss two chances minus scoring a goal imagine at his age. Congs United
Wahab utd
Wahab utd سنوات قبل
@Steve P in a football match ? yes it's normal...yeah it's a fault but it happens all the times...some people even BITE other players if u know what i mean.
Abdul muiz arifin
Abdul muiz arifin سنوات قبل
Zlatan been duin more than a decade
Steve P
Steve P سنوات قبل
@Wahab utd normal action to grab throat nonsense
Wahab utd
Wahab utd سنوات قبل
@Steve P it was a normal action in "the heat of the moment"....deserves a yellow but not red....i think.
Steve P
Steve P سنوات قبل
Ha ha, not saying we deserved to win because we didn't play well. Cavani should of still walked.
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale سنوات قبل
8:25 what a run by Cavani, would have scored the second one too but would've been tired by that run
and is the in for it but so
and is the in for it but so سنوات قبل
@israel dare u mean trashford?
israel dare
israel dare سنوات قبل
@Mr X Rashford is on and off. You can't build a team around that guy. He is very good but lacks consistency. On another day he would score that clean Cavani assist.
Mr X
Mr X سنوات قبل
Rashford should run instead of Cavani.
Vishnu Vipin
Vishnu Vipin سنوات قبل
Fair Play Everton!🤝 Thank you for providing the match highlights. Even though u lost the match, u provided the highlights of both the sides equally, than Man United.
Jane K
Jane K سنوات قبل
This highlights isn’t complete too ..it doesn’t show Greenwood header that hit the crossbar among others etc! ..All teams have their short and extended highlights ,tunnel highlights ,pitch side highlights etc,you can get all this from Man Utd app. They did nothing special.
WhaT Video
WhaT Video سنوات قبل
My love for Cavani just increases day in day out
Mr LW سنوات قبل
The way that Cavani was sprinting back in extra time shows the desire he still has
Ro-an سنوات قبل
How is there so much positivity from both clubs on this comments section. I feel the Christmas spirit has wafted over. Respect to Everton. Hard-fought and deserved win for United.
tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs
tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs سنوات قبل
what a game. a couple uncalled fouls that could've helped everton. i'm not a fan of either, starting to like them both.
Fortune Anaele
Fortune Anaele سنوات قبل
Sound like an Everton fan to me
Randy Chong
Randy Chong سنوات قبل
Everton is evolving under Anceloti. Exciting n attacking play.
T P 11 أشهر قبل
It was so good to be at this game even though we lost. Got lucky getting tickets!
Melvyn Foo
Melvyn Foo سنوات قبل
Congrats Everton!!! 🥳
penni damanik
penni damanik سنوات قبل
08:27 look at Cavani press the ball even he playing for 90mins. big different with Rashford and Martial
Aniket Prasad
Aniket Prasad سنوات قبل
@Loftus Blake that's true...martial is the lazy one...
Pranavmxp سنوات قبل
@Loftus Blake Rashford does it all the time, not martial tho
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake سنوات قبل
@Aniket Prasad Rashford doesn't do it enough same with Martial
Aniket Prasad
Aniket Prasad سنوات قبل
And it was because of that he couldn't join the counter attack...I mean rashford also does that sometimes...
Hriata Pc
Hriata Pc سنوات قبل
Setting example for them🔥🔥
Mistabipolar سنوات قبل
This channel has such better highlights than Man United’s one. Thank you Everton. I sincerely hope United’s channel takes some notes.
Sulub xasan
Sulub xasan سنوات قبل
Everton really is amazing club this team deserves a lot of respect🙏🙏🙏 from man United fans
cam xan
cam xan سنوات قبل
Cavani is just class and makes his goal look so easy
Garda Jayeng Brana
Garda Jayeng Brana سنوات قبل
Love and respect for Everton Hope you goes to champions league next season
Nawaf Aleid
Nawaf Aleid سنوات قبل
much respect for Everton and your channel, from a Man U fan
porsche.d سنوات قبل
I've enjoyed watching this lengthy highlight, deserves applause 👏👏
J D سنوات قبل
..in that game sigurdson was underrated, that guy played his soul out😪😂😂
Triumph Ogochukwu
Triumph Ogochukwu سنوات قبل
Respect from a United fan
Rtz Star
Rtz Star سنوات قبل
@Triumph Ogochukwu Liverpool too
Arnold Bernhard Dauhan
Arnold Bernhard Dauhan سنوات قبل
@Triumph Ogochukwu y my ncy
Triumph Ogochukwu
Triumph Ogochukwu سنوات قبل
@Konnichiyawa When I have ARface bonus data to stream it's a waste to me if it isn't uploaded here on ARface
Konnichiyawa سنوات قبل
@Triumph Ogochukwu they post always 20 minutes highlights on their app or site
Teamore7224 سنوات قبل
Manchester United fan here thanks so much for this quality and long highlights 😍🔥
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero سنوات قبل
Ánimo Everton!!!
KaustuvΣΨ سنوات قبل
Respect to Everton. Even if they lost, they posted the long highlights. Thank you. +From a red devil+
Clifton Fileure
Clifton Fileure سنوات قبل
Excellent highlights in great quality. Bravo
Tobbie Twish
Tobbie Twish سنوات قبل
Big Regards For Everton 👏🏻 From A GGMU 🛑❤️
Mix_ Tv
Mix_ Tv سنوات قبل
Respect to Everton from Manchester
StoodxFar سنوات قبل
respect for everton's channel for this even though they lost. from a united fan
CR7 KING سنوات قبل
Thanks to Everton from a United fan
Rown aLd
Rown aLd سنوات قبل
Last goal is about endurance..both team did a good job on counter attack..but in the end united came on top.. congrats both team..
D wood
D wood سنوات قبل
THANK YOU SO MUCH Everton fans, for respecting your players, when they take a knee......👏👏👏👏👏👏
MmM. سنوات قبل
How I missed the crowd at stadiums, a completely different experience for both players and fans
Ambrose Mwangi
Ambrose Mwangi سنوات قبل
Glory Glory Man United 🔥🔥🔥 From Kenya
Nkdaniel سنوات قبل
@bernard oloo 😂😂ni ukweli but man u till i die
bernard oloo
bernard oloo سنوات قبل
Bro man u watadissapoint tu when it matters most...usishangilie mapema...its the same old dog
Elias Rahmani
Elias Rahmani سنوات قبل
If I weren't watching the game myself I wouldn't believe that you guys haven't shown United's chances properly. Man, united had 9 shot just in the first 20 minutes.
Johnny Blue Eyes
Johnny Blue Eyes سنوات قبل
Hard luck Everton, your time is coming along leaps and bounds this season. It was anyone’s game last night. Man Utd fan.
mohd areffin ismail
mohd areffin ismail سنوات قبل
Anybody can share me the link for live streaming of tonite's SF game, vs MCity? ?
wang liao
wang liao سنوات قبل
Respect to Everton
Ramon Camarillo Valdez
Ramon Camarillo Valdez سنوات قبل
Thank you to Everton for all the defense mistakes 😅, but seriously Merry X-más!
Riez سنوات قبل
Respect for Everton, from manutd fans
Syed Azeez
Syed Azeez سنوات قبل
Awesome goal from Cavani
Sameer Abdallah
Sameer Abdallah سنوات قبل
The commentator was so hurt.
Aminu Aliyu
Aminu Aliyu سنوات قبل
Titang سنوات قبل
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake سنوات قبل
I've watched alot of Everton highlights and trust me he's had alot worse. They lost 5-1 not so long ago for eg.
Kiyong Desmond
Kiyong Desmond سنوات قبل
Respect for these extended highlights
Shaz Gently
Shaz Gently سنوات قبل
Anohter great display from United, I do feel Bruno F needs to be hauled of at any opportunity to give the guy a break. He has played an inhuman amount of games and it's going to catch up with him big time.
MilkMeow _
MilkMeow _ سنوات قبل
Respect from United fans for the highlights
Bernat Cranel
Bernat Cranel سنوات قبل
1:33 almost like Martial's debut goal against Liverpool
Jheyson A.S
Jheyson A.S سنوات قبل
We definitely need to be more aggressive defending, it should've been 1-0 tbh
Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni سنوات قبل
If you watch the United Highlights, it doesn't show all the chances created by Everton. This is a vivid example of how history is written by the winners haha. Not complaining tho, I'm glad United won, I knew this was going to be a tough game for us.
Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni سنوات قبل
@Infinite Tk bro, I'm a United fan...did you miss the part that said "I'm glad we won"!
Infinite Tk
Infinite Tk سنوات قبل
Lol man said Everton chances Calvert lewin only had 2 touches in our box like the entire game and you guys just defended all the time it’s like I’m watching arsenal 😂😂 enjoy that 38% possession
Junaid Naim
Junaid Naim سنوات قبل
Even this video doesnt show united all highlites,like the greenwood diving header etc etc
Andres Kreimann
Andres Kreimann سنوات قبل
Best Man U game in months. 👍
Rafi Reynaldi
Rafi Reynaldi سنوات قبل
Cheers for the extended highlight, lad
Tandras Gaming
Tandras Gaming سنوات قبل
Oi nyasar bro wkwkw same with me🤣
sheqo forfun
sheqo forfun سنوات قبل
respect from man utd fans...u have been great this season
Curtis Joseph
Curtis Joseph سنوات قبل
Respect to everton for extended highlight from man utd fan.
Lewis Chirenje
Lewis Chirenje سنوات قبل
What a 1st goal by Cavani
Dannyzuco TV
Dannyzuco TV سنوات قبل
With the way you guys did this highlights,one will think that is how much of an onslaught you had on United whereas reverse was the case. You failed to capture some of United gilt edged chances especially in the first half. Greenwood had an headed chance which is perhaps the best chance of the firsthalf
Jusuf Obaja
Jusuf Obaja سنوات قبل
You got my respect mate..
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral سنوات قبل
5:55 It was Cavani's 2nd goal against Everton
Miachel valentino
Miachel valentino سنوات قبل
He was talking about the first goal not this goal . Hear again carefully
Loki سنوات قبل
At the start of This season i thought everton would beat united home and away Boy was i wrong 😂😂😂😂
Yogi2 سنوات قبل
Still stand with the blues!
Daragh Keogh
Daragh Keogh سنوات قبل
These highlights make it look like Everton were all over United 😂😂😂
israel dare
israel dare سنوات قبل
Uno it's Everton's highlights so I wouldn't blame them. 😂
Ibnu Abdurrahman
Ibnu Abdurrahman سنوات قبل
Respect Everton ❤️
Azhan Azhan
Azhan Azhan سنوات قبل
5:10 love how Maguire casually leaves his man
Dylan Davos
Dylan Davos سنوات قبل
Zonal marking, Harry maguire is one of the worst defenders in the league, it’s embarrassing at this point.
Kick Me
Kick Me سنوات قبل
Hahahah Lucky him they didn't realize that.. My lord
Tymko C
Tymko C سنوات قبل
Cavani is still world class.
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
And dirty 🤮
Sarisha Tutorial’s
Sarisha Tutorial’s سنوات قبل
What a great match 😁
HussleFiveThirty سنوات قبل
Thanks for the longer highlights Good game everton
Panji Pramayana
Panji Pramayana سنوات قبل
Im from United Fan, so much appreciate for this video. Best of Luck Everton !
Arief Wahyu Gunarto
Arief Wahyu Gunarto سنوات قبل
Thanks everton. Big respect from us.
sam Kotsi
sam Kotsi سنوات قبل
Ancelloti is a great coach...I love everton 😍😍😍United Fan
Deedee سنوات قبل
Am always confident with Henderson on goal
Arnab Pal
Arnab Pal سنوات قبل
no one: comments: respect!!!
eh ro
eh ro سنوات قبل
I think, second goal was no.14 mistake. He should run along with Martial.✌🏼
Yusrin Othman
Yusrin Othman سنوات قبل
big respect for everton from united fan
solikhul azhar
solikhul azhar سنوات قبل
Respect buat everton,semoga konsisten menjadi tim kompetitif d liga.
Otakusaurio سنوات قبل
Estuvo buenos l encuentro pero verdad que al Everton necesita más refuerzo esa defensa es un desastre más por los laterales ese medio le falta creación ojal en verano se refuercen...
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