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A bad day on the road as Everton suffered their first defeat of the season - 2-0 at the hands of Southampton. The Blues started and finished the weekend top of the Premier League table, but had no response for first-half goals from James Ward-Prowse and Che Adams. Any hopes of a fightback were dashed when Lucas Digne was shown a controversial red card midway through the second period.
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luz diana madrid gutierrez
luz diana madrid gutierrez سنوات قبل
Confío en el equipo y su técnico, así que ARRIBA EVERTON 💕
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez سنوات قبل
@Grimmy Grim Grim acaso ella dijo que es colombiana? Además si lo es que pasa?
MR. Enzo
MR. Enzo سنوات قبل
acaso los colombianos ya no tienen excusa de que james no es el unico jugador del equipo?
Jaja سنوات قبل
If u cant beat them, injury them - everton Edit: injure
Jaja سنوات قبل
@Venoxide i admit i am bad in english 🤣 so people know what was edited from that text
Venoxide سنوات قبل
Why not edit the actual text LMAO
BAKUL TV سنوات قبل
@SIM PAN tarkam bjirrr
Joe سنوات قبل
Spelt Van Dijk wrong
Amri Safiy
Amri Safiy سنوات قبل
@cahyono gunawan Boston mike
Siu سنوات قبل
We can literally feel the absence of Richarlison 😭
Nihar Debnath
Nihar Debnath سنوات قبل
@Daniel Vera He can only thrive in a team where full freedom is given to no. 10 which is rare now
Daniel Vera
Daniel Vera سنوات قبل
@Nihar Debnath What? He was starter under Ancelotti with Kroos and Modric and under Heynckes with Javi Martínez and Muller.
Nihar Debnath
Nihar Debnath سنوات قبل
@Daniel Vera James flopped in madrid bcz of great players present there. There is no "may be". He cant fight in a team full of World class midfielders.
Andrew waldon
Andrew waldon سنوات قبل
He’s overrated I’m afraid. Not a natural finisher.
Domino Masters
Domino Masters سنوات قبل
@guntor clement true
J O سنوات قبل
This team really likes to injure opponents.. You will never win a league with a game like that.. disgusting
Dougstars سنوات قبل
@Youssef so no one in your team has ever accidentally injured someone
Youssef سنوات قبل
@Dougstars it should be 0 players
Dougstars سنوات قبل
3 players? Out of about 30?
Njoroge Samson
Njoroge Samson سنوات قبل
I said that once injuries start creeping in Everton will start dropping points.A good first 11 guarantees you 6th at best,you need a squad filled with quality.
Benji Stylez
Benji Stylez سنوات قبل
@Walu Situmbeko lmao don't compare bro they won the title cuz they deserved it.
Walu Situmbeko
Walu Situmbeko سنوات قبل
How much depth did Leicester have during title run?
Christopher Lawrence
Christopher Lawrence سنوات قبل
Leicester’s good first 11 won them the title.
Neil Sarath
Neil Sarath سنوات قبل
Therein lies the problem, quality don't do neverton. 💩💩💩💩
Lee BH
Lee BH سنوات قبل
Before that, they gonna start injuring other teams first.
Medellinish سنوات قبل
Everton had 0 build up game. When they were in ball posesssion the ball hardly left the defensive lines and did rarely find stations to be played to. The players would just watch instead of moving towards the ball and offering themselves a bit more. They simply didn't play at all and watched Southampton play and when in possession couldn't be bothered to actually play and run.
Skelon سنوات قبل
Thats a long excuse lol
arafat rasool
arafat rasool سنوات قبل
@Unknown Entity he never said he's a great player and please can you tell me one thing that he said was incorrect
leonardo sanchez
leonardo sanchez سنوات قبل
the team needs depth. hard to battle for top 4 when a key player like Richarlison is out and there is no one good to replace h. iwobi was clueless today.
Andy D
Andy D سنوات قبل
@and is the in for it but so He has all that, but he's young so he sometimes makes the wrong choice
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj
Grzegorzihb Ciepaj سنوات قبل
Evarton, relegation zone is waiting, Pickford the butcher gonna sink this pathetic team
King t2olase
King t2olase سنوات قبل
@Anjunabeachball nah not the match vs brighton the match vs fleetwood i still believe he can improve
leonardo sanchez
leonardo sanchez سنوات قبل
@Domino Masters merely a comment but okay lad lol
Robertus Kristianto
Robertus Kristianto سنوات قبل
Richy provides extra defensive quality as he backtrack and chase the ball very often. Seamus provides more attacking variety as he typically do a good job in running and combining with James. Losing them means different level of attacking and defending displayed on the field.
z. g.c
z. g.c سنوات قبل
Vamos everton..a ganar y seguir de lideres..el proximo partido a darlo todo..
Hruaizela Chhangte
Hruaizela Chhangte سنوات قبل
Though im a Liverpool fan i love to see other clubs at the top for some times as it makes the league more and more interesting
Badman No.1
Badman No.1 سنوات قبل
Everton knocked back to reality...
wijnaldie r
wijnaldie r سنوات قبل
@Dougstars im support LFC since im in elementary's from Indonesia.
Dougstars سنوات قبل
@wijnaldie r just asking
wijnaldie r
wijnaldie r سنوات قبل
@Dougstars important for you?
Dougstars سنوات قبل
@wijnaldie r who do you support
wijnaldie r
wijnaldie r سنوات قبل
@Dougstars for this week only
keegan773 سنوات قبل
Well deserved red card. Digne had two bites at the cherry. The second was an ankle breaker.
syed zaidi
syed zaidi سنوات قبل
im a liverpool fan and i physically hate everton but im completely unbiased when I say the performance from everton in this match was very poor
andres 2
andres 2 سنوات قبل
solo fue un tropeson fuerza everton vamos por la liga
CrAfTs Tv OFICIAL سنوات قبل
, vamos Everton, seguimos en la delantera una derrota es para aprender en q estamos fallando james rodrigues un abraso desde peru estamos contigo....
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero سنوات قبل
Ánimo Everton! Vamos pa lanteee!
Wechol سنوات قبل
Zaskoczyli mnie święci... stawiałem na everton
Replik SZN
Replik SZN سنوات قبل
Everton depende muchísimo de su equipo titular los suplentes no le aportan casi al equipo, se noto mucho la falta de ganas hoy
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith سنوات قبل
Maximum Respect for posting a loss. Man City would never do that!
SIM PAN سنوات قبل
Varchester United too
Mr. GreTongan
Mr. GreTongan سنوات قبل
Salty fans.m city always post
Fitri Kurniawan
Fitri Kurniawan سنوات قبل
hahah once in a blue moon
Saad Mubeen
Saad Mubeen سنوات قبل
Bruh every team does that
Mohammad Baloch
Mohammad Baloch سنوات قبل
everyone does that lol
Rio Pokphand
Rio Pokphand سنوات قبل
Premier League: Everton, your time is up
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
Everton: give me some more time pls.
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
Southampton Masterclass! 👌🏼
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose سنوات قبل
Well deserved red card. Digne had two bites at the cherry. The second was an ankle breaker.
PANDA MARVEL سنوات قبل
SIGURDSON one of the best midfielders. Congrats to Southampton
Slamet Ristiyono
Slamet Ristiyono سنوات قبل
VS Liverpool FC = 2-2 Vs Liverpool Academy = 0-2
buddah1978egypt سنوات قبل
@Skelon this was Southampton's enemy no.1 ref. Saints made Everton look like a championship side.
rezky maulana
rezky maulana سنوات قبل
Mas slamet melu fans e Liverpool ternyata
More Her Made
More Her Made سنوات قبل
oktavio fariz
oktavio fariz سنوات قبل
Goan Nino
Goan Nino سنوات قبل
Jare sopo met slamet?
Nos feratu
Nos feratu سنوات قبل
Everton is not a football club it's an mma club 😂😂
Reez Fowler
Reez Fowler سنوات قبل
Dont forget this - eVARton
A.A سنوات قبل
Delusional watch man utd defenders.
Nos feratu
Nos feratu سنوات قبل
@6000 Ernesto no wwe is fake while this is fact
Muhammadd iqbal
Muhammadd iqbal سنوات قبل
6000 Ernesto
6000 Ernesto سنوات قبل
NVG سنوات قبل
No hay que sacar conclusiones precipitadas tras una derrota, el equipo hasta el primer gol estaba jugando muy bien pero quizás haya que ir incorporando otros jugadores como Davies, Gordon o el propio Delph. Sigursson e Iwobi no están aprovechando sus oportunidades y André Gomes no está en buena forma. Por otro lado... como se echa de menos a Richarlison y a Coleman
P. Roat Men
P. Roat Men سنوات قبل
2 red cards in 2 games straight. Disgusting! Yet, well deserved.
jrard92 سنوات قبل
Everton were lucky to not to lose to Liverpool. Otherwise would've been even further down.
jrard92 سنوات قبل
@hog this is what I mean "further down". Your team corrected my grammar 🤣
Indra Gupta
Indra Gupta سنوات قبل
@hog oh yeah and the league has 1 game remaining
hog سنوات قبل
They’re top of the league what do you mean “further down”
Mad Hatter James
Mad Hatter James سنوات قبل
everton played awfully today they were sloppy on passes sloppy on tackles and just didnt really look like they wanted to be their, you cant really blame pickford for the 2 goals tho, one goal was a rocket shot and the other was a deflection. having said that thought, he made 2 rather good saves. one being the deflection shown in these highlights and the other being a saved header tipping it over the bar. he played well with no mistakes. which is a good sign for him and evertons future
Ayush Jain
Ayush Jain سنوات قبل
Why is it so hard to your Everton fans to acknowledge that we played well and deserved to win
nestor yakson duarte ubaque
nestor yakson duarte ubaque سنوات قبل
Buen momento para ampliar estrategias que un incluyan todos los suplentes dando continuidad a proyecto del Maestro Carlo Ancheloti para fortalecer todas las posibles alineaciones ante las variables que presenten los rivales, vamos Everton, vamos Everton, vamos vamos vamos. Desde Bogotá Colombia
David M
David M سنوات قبل
Hahahaha Digne was admiring the red card in goodison when Richarlison got red for the tackle.. now he's got it
Pablo Andrés Bernal
Pablo Andrés Bernal سنوات قبل
Cada juego es una oportunidad nueva, no solo de ganar, sino de aprender de los errores y las caidas, hoy se perdió un partido pero no el rumbo del éxito, nadie aprende a caminar sin tropezar y aprender cayendo. Ánimo Everton, recuerden que están en la mejor liga del mundo y no hay contrincante chico.
fabio pinzon
fabio pinzon سنوات قبل
Un resbalon no es caida vamos everton 💪👍
Jazmin Echeverry moreno
Jazmin Echeverry moreno سنوات قبل
Aqui si cabe la frase, aveces perder es ganar, porque se aprende de momentos incomodos que de una u otra forma sr van a presentar
vnnn سنوات قبل
Vamos everton, vamos... Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴💙💙💙💣❤️👍👍
profesor coccon
profesor coccon سنوات قبل
Estaria bueno q añguna vez jueguen everton de chile y el Liverpool uruguayo
yok mill
yok mill سنوات قبل
Savage football team savage player Everton
Everton back in form!!!!
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
Still top of league 🤫🤫🤫🤫
Vincent TuffGong
Vincent TuffGong سنوات قبل
Ancellotti is stl the best coach,getting good results with an average team
you are soul
you are soul سنوات قبل
speaking as a neutral I cannot see how Ancelotti can complain about the red card, it looked to me like Digne throwing his hands up was meant to try and throw off the referee to pretend it was accidental. I mean why throw your hands up like that before the stamp? Even if it wasn't a red card it definitely wasn't 'a joke'.
Alexander Ninethson
Alexander Ninethson سنوات قبل
this game could've easily finished 4 - 0
James Brown
James Brown سنوات قبل
Yeah should have been 4-0 to Everton. Battered them from start to finish
bartho سنوات قبل
@Mainak Das LOLOL wasnt even a shot on target
EmmarTH MaxiMano
EmmarTH MaxiMano سنوات قبل
4-1 Sigurðsson post
It hurts Blues! :(
Akash Baraskar
Akash Baraskar سنوات قبل
Neverton brought back down to earth. They were lucky against Liverpool last time out. No VAR no party 😂🤣
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim سنوات قبل
This season is gona be interesting.
Madman سنوات قبل
@AeonQuasar I am a Everton supporter and I respect Leeds and they deserve top 10 at least this season like Sheffield United last season
AeonQuasar سنوات قبل
@Madman Liverpool supporter and I would very much welcome Leeds champions and United in relegation battle.
Madman سنوات قبل
Yes it will if Leeds keep winning every week and man united play like a relegation team it will be a good season
Павел Антушевич
Павел Антушевич سنوات قبل
but grands play so boring...
Reinhard Moyo
Reinhard Moyo سنوات قبل
Very interesting indeed
Mireu سنوات قبل
Why is Digne acting like he didn't deserve that card?
Aroundight سنوات قبل
​@Rotten to the Core! Stop being nonsense.
Aroundight سنوات قبل
@Rotten to the Core! Every player does it, including Everton's. Digne stamped on him who tried to get a foul and it was awful and deserved a red. What's wrong? Intentionally draw a foul is not wrong.
Andy D
Andy D سنوات قبل
@Aroundight Exactly, that would be nonsensical, plus he is not that type of player, pieters is just trying to escape dignes run....apparently @rotten to the core knows the application of the rules better than Kevin Friend (ref) and Simon Hooper (var)....not saying they can't make mistakes, but at least we now have a decision and then another referee checking that decision again live
Aroundight سنوات قبل
@Andy D Which players will pay the risk of getting seriously injured just for a red on the opponent?
Andy D
Andy D سنوات قبل
@Rotten to the Core! Watch that last 20 seconds again, pieters moves away from digne to the left to head into the middle quadrant of the pitch
collis king
collis king سنوات قبل
I know godfrey is not a right back but I see now we miss colman he can get forward or put in the deliverys like colman
German Liberatto
German Liberatto سنوات قبل
Aún falta mucho... adelante guerreros
Benjamin Romero
Benjamin Romero سنوات قبل
Everton will be explosive as it has been ! See you against new castle ! Let‘s go blues !
Alexj Puig
Alexj Puig سنوات قبل
Arriba Everton...😉👍💙💙Ánimo
Anhelas Food
Anhelas Food سنوات قبل
the team needs depth. hard to battle for top 4 when a key player like Richarlison is out and there is no one good to replace h. iwobi was clueless today.
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson سنوات قبل
Ancelotti thinks this is 1980s where you can walk on people's ankles and get away with it.
dedi priadi
dedi priadi سنوات قبل
Every Everton games, they present US two sports, football and MMA!!! Good sport Chanel. YNWA
EgyptianKing#FSGOUT سنوات قبل
Everton back to form today 🙌
EgyptianKing#FSGOUT سنوات قبل
@EEE EEE and yesterday they literally gave a penalty to someone who wasn't in the penalty area, and wasn't fouled. After reviewing it on VAR, And they didn't give Pickford a red card for his clear and blatant dirty play
EEE EEE سنوات قبل
@EgyptianKing#FSGOUT one decision, pretty much the only decision gone against you, you must of forgot to do it this month
EgyptianKing#FSGOUT سنوات قبل
@EEE EEE paying officials?? Lmao VAR literally took away a game winning goal from liverpool for a wrong offside call 😂
EEE EEE سنوات قبل
Get back to paying the officials and blaming everything wrong you've done on other people m8
koo kelvin
koo kelvin سنوات قبل
Everton is a rugby Union team! Reminds me of the old Wimbledon club!
M. Pias
M. Pias سنوات قبل
2 Red cards in 2 matches! Everton is becoming Sergio Ramos FC! A disgrace to this beautiful game!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty سنوات قبل
Well deserved red card. Digne had two bites at the cherry. The second was an ankle breaker.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt سنوات قبل
Everton you guys can't be invisible in the EPL is a tough league.
whateF سنوات قبل
What a Controversial red card WTF He deserved that Everton Shame on you.
Jason j
Jason j سنوات قبل
@brokentuta ya. He meant to broke his leg. Too bad he failed. “Injured them if you cant beat them” 👍
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
It was not a violent conduct that banned him for 3 matchee
whateF سنوات قبل
@brokentuta yeah but eventhough he had no intention of doing it, he still Deserved straight red card. Not controversial at all.
brokentuta سنوات قبل
controversial because Digne didn't mean it. But I agree he deserved red card, you can not run behind opponent like that without expecting you will accidently hit your opponent leg
RL سنوات قبل
I favoured Southampton because I'm a Liverpool fan and we need to bring Everton down
greengreensio سنوات قبل
It was a good game. Could have gone either way despite the final score
EEE EEE سنوات قبل
We deserved to lose 2-0 the officiating was shit but we deserved to lose
Daniel Duarte
Daniel Duarte سنوات قبل
Desactivaron al Everton, redujeron los espacios, no los dejaron pensar, el único que podía generar juego era James y no le llegaba el balón esos hps centrales no se saben conectar, Everton debe modificar seriamente ese medio campo si quiere ganar la Liga.
seven henson
seven henson سنوات قبل
That's not just a red card. He had intentions to hurt. And he didnt show any remorse. Should be punished more.
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
No intentions
Uri Colthrust
Uri Colthrust سنوات قبل
I’m predicting the entire squad will get at least 2 red cards each this season
razak lavena
razak lavena سنوات قبل
Liverpool fans here and i m verry happy with southampton wins and red card for digne Well done ! Ynwa
Joe Shek
Joe Shek سنوات قبل
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
Dandung Adityo
Dandung Adityo سنوات قبل
Dirty squad, last week Richarlison, this week Digne haha!
Jacob سنوات قبل
I know we played bad but the amount of 50/50s we lost cost us.
Maxi Ly
Maxi Ly سنوات قبل
Ward-Prowse played like Zidane in that match Romeu was closed to prime Busquet I really like these 4 mid when they together (WP, Romeu, Armstrong, Redmond)
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
Prowse 👌🏼👌🏼
Christian Leon
Christian Leon سنوات قبل
Los titulares son irrenplazables coleman un lateral de un nivel muy alto con profundidad y seguridad , richarlisson aguanta muy bien la pelota y construye juego
Hung Nguyen Tan
Hung Nguyen Tan سنوات قبل
“If u can’t beat them, injury them” everton new slogan
SIM PAN سنوات قبل
Brawl Razorplayz
Brawl Razorplayz سنوات قبل
funny, copying from other comments
pornthep attaratti
pornthep attaratti سنوات قبل
Agree sir!
Mahalakshmi سنوات قبل
"go to other channels and type shit" your slogan.
Purwanto Purwanto
Purwanto Purwanto سنوات قبل
Decreased stamina , low power... Everton must play one touch..
Abhijit Pal
Abhijit Pal سنوات قبل
What if Everton was managed by Ramos?
ParkEnder18 سنوات قبل
Alex Iwobi is one of the worst players I've ever seen for Everton
Ihsanul Firdaus
Ihsanul Firdaus سنوات قبل
Pickford always joke 😂😂
W H سنوات قبل
James alone cannot carry the team for the whole season, Everton need depths in the squad, something to think of for next transfers
Skor Ball
Skor Ball سنوات قبل
from yesterday it was clear that Everton did play inconsequently, not fair play
Andre Setiawan
Andre Setiawan سنوات قبل
Haha 😂 nice game southampton, really nice
Trake سنوات قبل
This is the beginning of the end for eVARton🤣🤣
Rama Putra
Rama Putra سنوات قبل
HAHA , Everton lose? I love it.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt سنوات قبل
this game could've easily finished 4 - 0
Crooner سنوات قبل
Three spanish type(guess where he learnt those nasty tricks) tactical fouls in very quick succession = well deserved red. Well done referee.
Valdy Febrianto Pratama
Valdy Febrianto Pratama سنوات قبل
Welcome to Premier League, Ancelotti 😋
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