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Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club

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An incredible FA Cup tie ended with a 5-4 victory to Everton after extra time against Tottenham. The Blues are through to the quarter-finals after goals from Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison (2), Sigurdsson and Bernard.
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Fabian Rodriguez Cortes
Fabian Rodriguez Cortes سنوات قبل
When Sigurdsson plays in his best level. What a player 🔥🔥
Andrés H
Andrés H سنوات قبل
Doucouré is one of the best and most underrated midfielders in Premier League. What a player.
Everton Compilations
Everton Compilations سنوات قبل
@L C main star AT Watford
Everton Compilations
Everton Compilations سنوات قبل
@mat payne u mad bro
Andrés H
Andrés H سنوات قبل
@ChazzaRL Yeah, maybe cus he's injured 🤔 idk, it's just a possibility
ChazzaRL سنوات قبل
He’s not great now lol
Jorge M. Lokura
Jorge M. Lokura سنوات قبل
Eduardo Duarte
Eduardo Duarte سنوات قبل
That's how we always want to see EVERTON, strong and intense.
C M Family
C M Family سنوات قبل
@Typical Comment ....... mmm.i .. . . ., .ylĺķ. .
Typical Comment
Typical Comment سنوات قبل
Well, Ancelotti with a fat paycheck helped, didn't he😀.No disrespect to the managerial legend tho.Just saying how a world-class manager can change an average top half team.Just like how an average Lampard flopped with a world-class squad😀😀
Blue ben
Blue ben سنوات قبل
I’m 63 and really don’t know if my ticker can stand many more performances like this. Massive result and massive performances Well done all you lads and of course our great leader Carlo. COYB
1 Reza P.P. صیّد رزآ په لوی [شازده]A
1 Reza P.P. صیّد رزآ په لوی [شازده]A سنوات قبل
you will
Chase your tale
Chase your tale سنوات قبل
Ancelotti has been masterful. That cold turn (where he sips from his mug) on Mourinho was uncalled for though 🤣! SHADE!
let's play
let's play سنوات قبل
let's play
let's play سنوات قبل
King Smother
King Smother سنوات قبل
Yes bernard
Ing. Wilmer Hernández
Ing. Wilmer Hernández سنوات قبل
Sigurddson es un animal, tremendo crack
Spitfire Reds
Spitfire Reds سنوات قبل
Tres bien my friend
fgafootball سنوات قبل
I'm still buzzing but also spent. Nearly had a heart attack there. Well done Carlo and the boys, very well done!
Duncan Self
Duncan Self سنوات قبل
It's good to see Calvert-Lewin is constantly improving 💪
Shmaull YT
Shmaull YT سنوات قبل
Yeah constantly improving his diving skills
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Absolute machine, Carlo has got him playing absolutely unreal!
Adrian Valbuena
Adrian Valbuena سنوات قبل
Excellent!!! Thanks a lot Everton, thanks so much
Michael Greene
Michael Greene سنوات قبل
In a day and age where cynicism has crept into football let's pause for a moment to salute the players of Everton and Tottenham who provided us with such a fabulous and sporting occasion reminiscent of the 4-4 Merseyside cup tie almost thirty years ago to the day. I thought I'd never live to see a match quite like that again. It took three decades but was worth waiting for. COYB. NSNO.
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!!
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!! سنوات قبل
Best match of 2021 👏👏
cloud Fox
cloud Fox سنوات قبل
Everton with C.Anchelotti = Marvellous 👍👍
benjamin سنوات قبل
Winks is the legend of Everton. He showed mvp performance in today’s game
SavageAce115 سنوات قبل
@adam bassuni naw winks was the best man , for Everton fam I was pissed after that last kick
adam bassuni
adam bassuni سنوات قبل
what about hojbjerg? giving away the ball for 1st goal and foul for the penalty lmao
JP C سنوات قبل
Nice sarcasm there.
Rohaan Gazdar
Rohaan Gazdar سنوات قبل
What a game that was! Best of the season for me!!! COYB!!!
Hariharaan Murugesh
Hariharaan Murugesh سنوات قبل
Same ya 🥺💯... becoz of ancelotti and james transfer
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
100% agree! COYB!
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!!
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!! سنوات قبل
Agree (City fan). 👏👏👏
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez سنوات قبل
Doucoure, coleman and gylfi were outstanding in this game 🔥
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Davies too!
Lewis 1878
Lewis 1878 سنوات قبل
@Baljeevan Singh Davies scouse pirlo
Baljeevan Singh
Baljeevan Singh سنوات قبل
They all were but especially those three
onyilimba martins mclaren tochukwu
onyilimba martins mclaren tochukwu سنوات قبل
When Sigurdsson is on form, he reminds me of 2008 version of Steven Gerard.
hmk سنوات قبل
The debut match at Winks Everton was impressive. I'm looking forward to the future.
윤경미 سنوات قبل
🤣 😂
Audun سنوات قبل
Proud of my team! Best match of the season! 💙
Daniel A Pacheco
Daniel A Pacheco سنوات قبل
Vamo Everton saludos desde Colombia🇨🇴
Anders Parnefalt
Anders Parnefalt سنوات قبل
Yees yees Ap
Mateo سنوات قبل
@Alex Muñoz mucha razón
Mateo سنوات قبل
@everton ball yerri James unos crack
Mateo سنوات قبل
@The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel unos crack
Mateo سنوات قبل
Colombia unos crack
PadawanPokiJedi ♊️
PadawanPokiJedi ♊️ سنوات قبل
That finish from Bernard !💙
Buen partido de Everton, saludos desde Colombia
Osberth De Castro
Osberth De Castro سنوات قبل
Those first and last assist from Sigurdsson ... pure class. uuuuffff
Log أشهر قبل
Hope we can get this type of form next season 💙
boz boz
boz boz سنوات قبل
Everyone was brilliant last night and I wanna give a shout out to Olsen we would've been hammered in the first half of it weren't for him. Please upload the full match I want to watch another 120+ minutes of an Everton team with the fire we love! COYB!!!!! WELL DONE THE WHOLE TEAM!
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
100% agree! Olsen kept us in it in the first half
Aaron Cooke
Aaron Cooke سنوات قبل
what a game and what a result, UTFT💙
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
pandora سنوات قبل
as an Arsenal fan, I must say this was a very entertaining match =) Everton deserves to win the FA Cup this year
Baljeevan Singh
Baljeevan Singh سنوات قبل
What a performance we well and truly deserved it! Cmon on you blues
Aleksy Citriauskidis
Aleksy Citriauskidis سنوات قبل
Again Gylfi Sigurdsson proves that he is one of the best EPL midfielders. What a creativity and passing. Amazingly controlls the play
atmazzerexe سنوات قبل
Honourable mention to our MoTM Davies with him finally able to step up his level to settle his position in the first team. COYB 💙
Stuart Sharp
Stuart Sharp سنوات قبل
@Blakan Do you actually watch Everton? Sigurdsson underrated????????? He is usually anonymous for us and just doesn't look like he's bothered
Blakan سنوات قبل
@Neil Dunlop I admit i got little pissed i just think he already a very underated player and it got to me a little that even when he gets three assist (somthing no one has done at ur club for 8 years) he doesnt even get MoTM
Neil Dunlop
Neil Dunlop سنوات قبل
@Blakan never claimed gyfli was bad, just Davies we better, calm down
Stuart Sharp
Stuart Sharp سنوات قبل
@FPS_ Metier I completely agree
Stuart Sharp
Stuart Sharp سنوات قبل
@Blakan Agree to disagree mate, I thought Tom had a blinder and Sigs wouldn't have had the chance to work his magic without Davies behind him
william perez
william perez سنوات قبل
Wiwin Ade Prasetiawan
Wiwin Ade Prasetiawan سنوات قبل
Incredible match ♥️♥️
Peter Leep
Peter Leep سنوات قبل
So proud to be a toffee it's been a while 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
your right I'm sooo sorry
your right I'm sooo sorry سنوات قبل
Lt سنوات قبل
A moment of silence for those who missed the live match
Rollerbear712 سنوات قبل
D K not a Spurs fan or an Evertonian but I would’ve stayed up late if I knew the match was going to be this good
FM Edukasi
FM Edukasi سنوات قبل
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!!
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!! سنوات قبل
Que partidazo ❤️❤️❤️ !! ------------------------------------------------- ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ - ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Swarup Mahapatra
Swarup Mahapatra سنوات قبل
I want Everton where they were in 1980s 😀 one of the best in the world 🙏
Pete G
Pete G سنوات قبل
wouldn't that be grand!
Владимир سنوات قبل
Какой красивый футбол в Англии. Просто дух захватывает. Браво 👏
Edson Silva
Edson Silva سنوات قبل
Sigurdsson joga dmais
dirtyangelefc سنوات قبل
WHAT a game. Absolute warriors, every single player! Bernard.. you little belter! Nsno 💙
Revanth Kumar
Revanth Kumar سنوات قبل
That’s what happens when you play 8-2 formation when you lead by 1 goal. Well done Everton, well deserved win.
Edenilson سنوات قبل
Richarlison o melhor 😎
Matheusd10 سنوات قبل
Yes,tranks brazil
Henrique سنوات قبل
z. g.c
z. g.c سنوات قبل
que gran partido y que grato ver a esos jugadores dandolo todo..asi es que se ganan titulos, asi es como deben jugar siempre..
Mateo سنوات قبل
Un gran partido pana
Ho Yin Chung
Ho Yin Chung سنوات قبل
It is great to see the vast firepower of the blues. But what I want to add is that we have to strengthen our defence. Otherwise it will cost the chance of our first trophy over the last two decades when we face the big clubs in the future.
Sigmanerd سنوات قبل
That assist from Calvert WOW
Romi s
Romi s سنوات قبل
I’m a Liverpool fan but seeing Everton play this way puts a smile on my face, good football brings good emotions. The only thing I don’t like about your club is Pickford cause he’s shite and broke Van Dijk but good performance lads.
Ryan Don
Ryan Don سنوات قبل
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Yes lad!
realnesx سنوات قبل
@Jamie Taylor-Dodd nothing to cry about I'm just a mutal fan don't support spurs and deffo not Everton. Crying the last thing I'm doing, right now I'm smoking some banging dawg 😂
Jamie Taylor-Dodd
Jamie Taylor-Dodd سنوات قبل
@realnesx cry
realnesx سنوات قبل
Poor defending for last goal school boy errors 2 defenders in coo coo land
realnesx سنوات قبل
Everton fans getting a head of themselves thought they would of learned there lessons when they was gloating about being top of the league months back
Adlin Mills
Adlin Mills سنوات قبل
Who misses Martin Tyler and Alan Smith......the best commentators ever🤟💯💥
Mr. Chaidir
Mr. Chaidir سنوات قبل
Imagine if fans were present in the stadium the atmosphere would be mad
Gary Goh
Gary Goh سنوات قبل
Carlo is as cool as a cucumber. Focusing very much on his cup of tea
Unnimon Unnimom c
Unnimon Unnimom c سنوات قبل
@The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel aaaaaaaaaaaaaAa@
1 Reza P.P. صیّد رزآ په لوی [شازده]A
1 Reza P.P. صیّد رزآ په لوی [شازده]A سنوات قبل
U no Y ? ...cuze his drinking ice-tea lol
dirtyangelefc سنوات قبل
It was bovril apparently 😂
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Play it nice and cool so Dunc doesn't get to him haha
Kurt Leier
Kurt Leier سنوات قبل
Carlo's reaction at 6:42 is priceless.
Viktor Markov
Viktor Markov سنوات قبل
what a game.. Greetings from Bulgaria Evertonians
Rizvi Ahmed
Rizvi Ahmed سنوات قبل
What a great performance from Everton! Anchelotti is a manly hero. A couch with Cristal clear vision. Special love for no - 19,9,7 & 10.
Tori Brown
Tori Brown سنوات قبل
Good game👍...Good luck Everton👏👏
Kimon Mac Con Uladh
Kimon Mac Con Uladh سنوات قبل
Gylfi was always a great player!
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Great performance from him last night!
ian smith
ian smith سنوات قبل
There is nothing to match the elation you feel being at a big game where Spurs win a trophy, I was at the 1981 FA cup final replay against Man City witnessing the Ricky Villa wonder goal, the concrete Wembley stands were bouncing up and down, what pure joy was experienced by every Spurs fan. So I think we need to stick by Jose as he could bring a taste of that joy back to the club. But for these things to happen as fans we need to believe, COYS.
ABC Gaming-X
ABC Gaming-X سنوات قبل
If Everton win this will be the game to look at (from a Manchester City fan)
Михаил Митюшкин
Михаил Митюшкин سنوات قبل
Огонь! Молодцы ребята.
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!!
Pray for Ukraine PLEASE!! سنوات قبل
Лучший матч во всех лигах в этом календарном году! 👏👏
Cryptys سنوات قبل
Horrible defending but incredible spirit by the team to will themselves to victory!
hmk سنوات قبل
The player who played the best in both teams was Son Heung-min. It is really regrettable that Tottenham did not win despite Son Heung-min's involvement in all four goals, and both teams will need a reorganization in defense.
hmk سنوات قبل
@M J불쌍하네
윤경미 سنوات قبل
@M J 👅
La rouge
La rouge سنوات قبل
@M J 틀릴건 뭐가 있냐? 저때 토트넘 수비진들만 적당히 쳐 똥쌌어도 질일은 없을 경기고 4골에 모두 직접 관여한 손흥민이 비록 패배팀 선수임에도 평점 9받고 양팀 통틀어 2번째인거보면 mom받을만한 것도 맞는데 한국인이 개인 코멘트 썼다 싶으면 무조건 욕하고 배척하고 보는 놈들 참 많아, 멀 적당히하자는건지. ㅎ
Emki and the sun dolls
Emki and the sun dolls سنوات قبل
... gylfi? Son was good but he wasn’t the match winner... was he hahahahaa
M J سنوات قبل
SkankHunt42Bro! سنوات قبل
Instant classic COYB 🔵⚽️
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Ichigo Ichie
Ichigo Ichie سنوات قبل
Imagine everton finishing above their mersyside rivals in the EPL.
your replies are muted cry more
your replies are muted cry more سنوات قبل
@Pat Egerton 😂
your replies are muted cry more
your replies are muted cry more سنوات قبل
Thats extremely possible.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith سنوات قبل
@Pat Egerton LMAO
Pat Egerton
Pat Egerton سنوات قبل
@realnesx the ref said yes ,var said yes who else will we ask the armchair ref
realnesx سنوات قبل
Was that really a penalty?
Paulo Neves
Paulo Neves سنوات قبل
I feel sorry for my countryman Mou, but my love for Everton is far more special!!! COYB!!!
andrés rodríguez
andrés rodríguez سنوات قبل
COYB.!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing game Sigurdsson
Adlin Mills
Adlin Mills سنوات قبل
Everton My favorite football club And I will never switch💯💯💥💥
Gabriel Augusto
Gabriel Augusto سنوات قبل
jogaço de futebol
A C سنوات قبل
DCL looks fine there at the end. Hope his injury is not a serious one.
A C سنوات قبل
@Shmaull YT Lol imagine being this sad. Get over it mate, you'll live, so will VVD! lol
Shmaull YT
Shmaull YT سنوات قبل
I hope he’s gone for the rest of your fichu season that’s what I call karma
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel سنوات قبل
Fingers crossed, getting a scan today so hopefully not a bad one
InCheol Lee
InCheol Lee سنوات قبل
"Make the save! Make the save! Make the save for the team!"
Omar Jaramillo
Omar Jaramillo سنوات قبل
They did it lads. I don’t know how but they fuckin’ did it! COYB.
martyn randles
martyn randles سنوات قبل
Would you class it as a sleep if it's less than 3x hours... or does that fall under the banner of a kip? Answers on a postcard to Me, c/o Boris Johnson, London, England, just below Scotland, next door to Wales, on that lovely friendly Island just to the north of France
martyn randles
martyn randles سنوات قبل
*survival as in survival suit... dyslexia strikes again... again ;)
martyn randles
martyn randles سنوات قبل
*find where I spelt it wrong... don't want the dyslexia police fuckin' with me tonight, looks like I'm up all night again....
martyn randles
martyn randles سنوات قبل
fuckin dyslexia strikes again... I love it really... it's funny as fuck... readin' the wrong things & bein' able to write upside down & back to front & read in mirrors, it's handy... *should be: meslef (like I like to spell it, & yes it's wrong for the right reason. Or Myslef if it really pisses you off. ...another brew I think... then maybe finish that Bernard Goal / Don Carlo Coffee animation... I'm talking to myself, me & I, tryin' to bore myself to sleep... ...nar: don't even be tempted to try watchin' political debates to drift off... them lying fuckwits will only piss you off ;) Na-night Boris mate. I'll email you this one in my next "monthly rant", taking a break at the mo & catching up on some coding ;)
martyn randles
martyn randles سنوات قبل
@Colin Meikle ...just spent half an hour writing the next bit &, somehow? the page decided to reload... ...probably for the best... I was telling way too many truths & ramblin' yarns of the old days... & I know that I do go on, way too much, for most people that is. Very useful for a writer & poet when words fall from mind to finger tip like a Calvados apple from Norman tree, naturally, the best, original and meant to be way. I genuinely, not that you have any way other than my words, don't mean to p!$$ you off at all... I even think you'd have enjoyed the story about the 100x year storm, force 12 we were just about to enter... ...I'd just double checked the nº3 life jacket & survival suit were ready to go. The 1st & 2nd lifeys were either side of me (I did explain in the "lost" comment that I prefer to say "me" than "my", I have a degree in Technical Authoring (information design & linguistics, but as a poet & artist I love to bend the rules)... Anyway, none of that (above here) makes any sense without setting the scene & telling the back story of The Captain, who swore like a b@stard, regular orders, no malice, never directly swearin' in a hurtful manner... but this one day, Seas getting "bumpy", he hardly swore. I was very nearly 17, 1st & last trip (again not making sense without the yarn about how I had to cheat my way through the medical, I really do have a heart condition [it's the least of my disabilites, or at least the one that actually doesn't really hurt that much]... yer, I cheated (but got caught, & told I'd not pass the next year & dhould think about becoming an engineer... I've a high functioning intelligent & creative mind, however, I do stumble, far too often, with very simple tasks. Often over working something & never knowing when to stop... like here... I love to write... & yer, I remember now (just copy this... yer know, 'case it vanishes again)... ... ...where, were we??? ...yer, I'd said Na-night to Phill in the cabin next to mine, double checked everything, put extra clothes on so as to save time should the alarms go off (1st time scared the sh!t out of me, no lie. 2nd time I just jumped awake, went back to sleep. Third time they went off (& engines go out when these alarms go off, not something you ever want to happen on a rusty old turd of a bitumen tanker (I still hate the smell of that stuff, you can't get it out of yer... Probably deffo didn't help my lung disease breathing in all those fumes... but no health & safety police back then. So, arrgh well, what the hell! ...b0ll0xs, forgot the main point of it... take too long to re-write all of it... another day maybe?
Manit سنوات قبل
U gotta feel for son Those crosses were fire
Melvin Mendoza
Melvin Mendoza سنوات قبل
Vamos Everton
Andre Gomez EFC
Andre Gomez EFC سنوات قبل
I’m happy we won
Toby Burch
Toby Burch سنوات قبل
Well you wouldn’t be sad 🥴
Ngan Phuong
Ngan Phuong سنوات قبل
I'm sure Ancelotti can help Everton have many tournaments
Arjun Saha
Arjun Saha سنوات قبل
Everton is better than spurs👍 in FA cup and EPL 👍🔥🎉❤️
Mateo سنوات قبل
Everton un crack
Cristian Rodrigues
Cristian Rodrigues سنوات قبل
Richarlyson tá jogando muito SLK
Saad Chafik
Saad Chafik سنوات قبل
Sigurdsson turning into prime Messi in this game you'd love to see it hahaha
Andy Williams
Andy Williams سنوات قبل
A great win,carlo,s done a great job,just wish that our defence would tighten up,11 goals conceeded in the last 5 games,needs to be better,thought Tom Davies gave everything last night as well,someone I criticise quite regularly to be honest,onwards and upwards blues 👍
jim smith
jim smith سنوات قبل
I loved this upload I have watched it quite a few times. Everton FC is my passion so I want my passion to give me hope and give me what I want from my team - Passion.....
exelrockstar سنوات قبل
It was all about Son againts duo Son. Heung -min SON vs RicharliSON, SigurdsSON plus the goal keeper Olsen...i read this Olson...😁
Léo Vilela
Léo Vilela سنوات قبل
Brasil💛💙 Richarlison o pombo 💙💛
Aman KC
Aman KC سنوات قبل
Son scored a hat trick 😎 Richarlison 2 and Sigurdsson 1
Felicitaciones a Mina y sanchez orgullo colombiano
Watch and Spray
Watch and Spray سنوات قبل
Everton: We got them on the ropes, we cant let them tie. Tottenham: Hold my beer. Tottenham: We can beat them in extra time. Ancelotti: Hold my coffee.
Pete G
Pete G سنوات قبل
Ancelotti blowing on his hot tea - one of the highlights of an extraordinary game
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